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Outta Sight Travel is the beginning of dreams come true. Many people have had the desire to take a dream vacation, but thought that it could never become a reality. The staff at Outta Sight Travel can steer you in the right direction. With their combined expertise they can assist you in planning a vacation that goes beyond the visual realm. They can help you plan destinations that are ready to accept service animals and get whatever documentation is necessary to facilitate the travel procedures. Their ultimate goal is to be able to provide the traveler with itineraries and information in accessible format.

Too often a pleasure trip is synonymous with "sight seeing." A visually impaired person can do everything a sighted person can but see. We try to make the vacation a multi-sensory experience. How about a Broadway musical in New York? Or- a Cajun meal in New Orleans? How about a cable car ride in San Francisco? How about laughing your heart out in one of the comedy clubs in Las Vegas? Oh – don’t forget cruising – 24 hours a day of fine food and world class entertainment. These are all realistic vacations. The world is out there – let us help you to experience it. Our personal motto is "Watch out world, here we come!"

p.s. if you happen to be sighted – no problem we can help you plan to have the vacation of a life time as well.

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