Been there! Done that!

Freeport, Grand Bahamas

Permits obtained! Vet visited! Ship boarded! Cruise staff so friendly and helpful. "Our Lucaya," a beautiful beachfront resort with a staff so eager to help and accommodate their guests. Duty free shopping got that special Christmas present for that someone special. Conch fritters that tickle your taste buds.

New York City

The chance to go to Broadway tickets to the PRODUCERS! Aisle seating so that Dr. John would have plenty of room to be comfortable. New York style pizza that an entire world is trying to copy.


Cruising the Caribbean

Paperwork in order. Assignment of a relief area for your service animal. Crew members that are so excited to see a beautiful dog because with extended contracts they may have left their best friend at home. Entertainment ranging from celebrities such as the Coasters to high laugh comedy to Neil Diamond medleys masterfully sung by the multi-talented cruise director "HI! JOHN!"

Disney Theme Parks

Oh what fun! Food venues that welcome your guide dog with open paws Goofy and Pluto love to see their real canine counterparts. Handicapped guidebooks to those who ask. Remember, It is a small world after all.


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