Gary Metzler

Gary is the president of Outta Sight Travel.  Originally from Queens New York. 

 he has been in Florida since June of 1980.  He has been legally blind since birth

and totally blind since 1984.  Having a love for electronics, he is a ham radio operator,

and a Computer Access Technology Specialist and Trainer.  Gary has been traveling

extensively in the past few years and would like for other blind and visually impaired

people to experience things that they may not be aware that are accessible to them.

He has the ability and technology to provide itineraries and other pertinent travel

information in accessible format such as large print, Braille and electronic formats.

Gary is extremely active in the LIONS, having served as President, vice president

and board member.  He has received numerous awards including the Governor's Achievement

Award, Golden Chain Award, Anchor Award, 100% attendance for five years straight

and the President's Excellence Award.  Gary is also very active with the  local affiliate

of the American Council of the Blind, is a member of the Treasure Coast Travel Industry

Association, Fort Pierce Lodge #87 F&AM, and serves on the board of directors of

the 20 - 200 Fellowship.

Jackie Hull

Jackie has been in the travel and hospitality industry since her younger days.  She

worked with a full service travel until the agency closed in 2002.  She has taken

numerous destination specialist courses and is the recipient of a scholarship for

the Certified Travel Associate course through the Travel Institute.  Jackie has done

extensive research in the field of handicapped travel (with an emphasis on the visually

impaired).  Being the sighted member of the member of the Outta sight team, she has

made all the necessary travel arrangements for her husband and his guide dog.  Being

aware that "sight seeing" is not an option for those who can not see, she attempts

to provide multisensory approaches as travel options.  An active member of the LIONS

organization, and having perfect attendance for over 8 years and recipient of the

following awards: Melvin Jones Fellow, Lion of the Year, the Golden Chain Award,

Anchor Award and Secretary's award.  Jackie is serving as the District Drive Director

for the LIONS for Southeastern Guide Dogs.  She is also very active with the Treasure

Coast Travel Industry Association.

Dr. John

"Doc" is a graduate of Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc. of Palmetto, Florida.  He was

born on November 29, 1999 and  entered service as a guide dog on November 16, 2001.

"Doc" is a yellow Labrador Retriever.  To graduate as a guide dog the animal must

learn over 40 commands.  When in work harness, he is a conscientious guide.  Out

of harness, "Doc" is a lovable, sweet "puppy."  Dr. John loves to cruise, travel

on airplanes and going to shows.  He has "seen" the Producers on Broadway, has met

many production show stars, has been to concerts in major arenas and enjoys going

out to eat.  His travels have made his master aware  that other guide dog teams may

also like to travel and they could perhaps assist them with the necessary paperwork

required to do so.


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